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The Curse of the Carddecks, Tax on your Product Backlog and Tango!

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Fibonacci must die!

The curse of the carddecks


What's in a story?

How to break-up functionality into stories


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About agile deathmarches, agile learning plateaus, agile sins and getting paid more

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Why you should pay the developers in Scrum more

Responsibilities in Scrum


The plateauing of an agile learning process

And what to do about it


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Seven tools to make you a better Product Owner, how Taylor strikes back in software and some other interesting stuff

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Seven tools for the Product Owner

Alistair Cockburn picks the best from KANO, InnovGames and others


Taylorism strikes back on software development

15 years after Kent Beck's XP


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About the prisoner's dilemma for programmers, about Lean and sabres

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Finding a product owner is not that hard

Finding a product owner with sifficient power is another thing


Prisoner's dilemma in programming

Think carefully, very carefully


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About Myanmar, Bonanza, Swiss retrospectives and overloaded taskboards

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Throwing fruit-melanges at Myanmar

If Fibonacci is too detailed and T-shirts suck


How TDD and Bonanza can help you out

Why we don't notive unreasonable requirements


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Follow thisAbout Scrum for kids, what you can do with 5% creativity & BCUF vs BDUF and more

Try to raise your kids with scrum, trying to change your company to scrum, being creative and about KanBan and Lean. All in just five links.

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Follow thisThree reasons why scrum does not work, about a feedback door and about lazy developers

Three reasons why scrum does not work and what to do about it, about Jurgen Appelo and his feedback door, why lazy developers hate agile and other links.

Top three reasons why scrum does not work
And what to do about it

Getting things done now, but don’t forget your vision
Yves Hanoulle makes the parallel with buying a house

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Follow thisMaking boring numbers sing, the waterfall quiz, kickstarting your day with upgrading yourself

Hans Rosling makes boring numbers come alive, how to upgrade yourself every morning, the agile vs. waterfall quiz and other interesting links.

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Follow thisMurphy's law in Scrum, and what to do about it & other interesting links

Why a team that can revert back to waterfall will, about the painful first months in a scrum transition, agile design - een mythe? and how KabBan can go terribly wrong.

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Follow thisHow Darth Vader went Agile

About the agile skills of Darth Vader, about the myth of software development progress, and about the ideal workshop. And a bunch of more links about distributed scrum.